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Tank Cleaning, Water Pump-Outs

Sludge and impurities found in tanks can cause problems in underground tanks like reduced efficiency. For this reason, SSG-BARCO provides tank cleaning to commercial and residential properties. We have developed PetroClean; a comprehensive tank cleaning process to ensure your tank is functioning at 100% efficiency.

PetroClean remove contaminants such as biologically active sludge, sediments, and moisture, thereby increasing burner efficiency. When impurities rest at the bottom of fuel tanks, they promote corrosion in the steel as well as degrade new fuels introduced into the system with each delivery. Thorough and consistent tank cleaning will reduce the harmful effects caused by these contaminants.

SSG-BARCO employs vacuum tank trucks specifically designed for this task. Excess waste s removed from the tank, transported, and then properly disposed in accordance with regulations. After this process, only clean product remains in the tank.

Loss of heat and fuel efficiency can be attributed to the presence of impurities or water at the bottom of the fuel tank. We can perform water pump outs to remove it from your system and return it to 100% working efficiency. Our personnel can also determine if the presence of water has caused a corrosion hole to appear in your tank. In such cases, we would highly recommend that you remove your tank to prevent oil from seeping into the environment.

Tank cleaning and tank installation services are available to customers throughout New Jersey.

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