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Residential Services

For residential property owners, SSG-BARCO offers environmental remediation services and tank installation and removal packages in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our services include:

  • Tank Removal
  • Tank Installation
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Turnkey Remediation

Our fully licensed and certified personnel will undertake any and all efforts to provide soil and groundwater remediation for residential project sites. Using innovative techniques like excavation, in-situ remediation, and bioremediation, we are able to effectively remove all contaminants from a site to ensure the health and well-being of future inhabitants.

SSG-BARCO can also clean, remove, and install a new tank in any property on the same day, saving property owners time and money. With over 3,000 tank removals under our belt, we are the leaders in the industry. As part of our residential service we will perform soil borings to determine if the soil adjacent to the tank may be contaminated by oil and other hazardous materials. From start to finish, which typically means the receipt of a No Further Action Letter (NFA), our team will thoroughly explain each process that is undertaken to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

SSG-BARCO is a qualified ProGuard™ Contractor.

Our residential services including tank installation, tank cleaning, tank removal, and turnkey remediation are available to customers throughout New Jersey.

For more information on our residential service and a free quote, contact us.

Oil Tank Removal

RS-UST-RemovalSpecializing in heating oil and gasoline storage tank removal services for residential, commercial and industrial properties, SSG-BARCO is a fully Certified Tank Closure and Subsurface Evaluation contractor offering cost-effective, reliable and prompt service. Learn more ››

Tank Installation

RS-AST-InstallWe believe in environmental safety and recommend double wall ROTH® Safety Tanks as replacements for underground tanks. We routinely remove your underground and install a new aboveground tank all in one day, disposing of sludges and transferring the good oil to your new tank. Our installations are performed by a crew of courteous, well-trained, OSHA certified and ROTH certified technicians. Learn more ››

Tank Cleaning

RS-Tank-CleaningTank cleaning eliminates sludges and impurities that can foul your furnace and reduce efficiency. SSG-BARO developed PetroClean, a comprehensive tank cleaning process for residential fuel oil tanks. PetroClean increases burner efficiency by removing contaminants such as biologically active sludge, moisture, and sediments. Learn more ››

Turnkey Remediation

RS-turnkey-RemediationIn-situ remediation is applied to areas where excavation is not cost effective or cannot be carried out safely.  Numerous sites have been successfully remediated using in-situ  techniques.  All in-situ remedial measures require pre-approval and special permits prior to starting. We maintain a variety equipment to accommodate any sized project and can mobilize vacuum trucks to aid in dewatering when necessary. Learn more ››