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Phase I/Phase II

Phase I

SSG-BARCO has been approved to perform Phase I consulting services by many financial institutions and law firms due to our reliability, trustworthiness, and exemplary history as industry leaders.

Most lending institutions require environmental due diligence as a condition of releasing commercial and residential loans, which necessitates accurate and dependable environmental assessments prior to the transfer of ownership. We achieve this by adhering to current industry, state, and federal guidelines and practices. Our company follows established protocols for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments by complying with the standards set by ASTM E 1527.

We even go above and beyond industry standards, striving to identify all potential financial risks for each environmental condition discovered during the Phase I assessment. Our team interprets our findings and explains the results in terms of risk to the business transaction.

Phase II

Like with many business transactions, time is of the utmost importance, which is why SSG-BARCO can offer timely and efficient service during Phase II. By doing the work ourselves and not relying on subcontractors, we provide complete and accurate results quickly. We have in-house Geoprobe® drilling equipment we can deploy immediately for soil and groundwater sampling.

All of our services including tank cleaning, tank installation, and tank removal are available to customers throughout New Jersey.

For more information on Phase I/Phase II assessments and a free quote, contact SSG-BARCO.