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Environmental Consulting

In addition to underground storage tank removal and soil and groundwater remediation, SSG-BARCO is qualified to conduct Phase I and Phase II environmental investigations and preliminary assessments for financial institutions, law firms, and real estate marketing professionals. We follow the established protocols for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments by complying with the standards set by ASTM E 1527. For Phase II we can get to work immediately by providing soil and groundwater sampling through the use of our Geoprobe® drilling equipment which we can deploy at a moment’s notice.

We are proud to be one of the first Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRP) in the state of New Jersey. With the LSRP certification we can provide assistance to all clients with the Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) process from the submittal of the initial notice to soil and groundwater remediation if necessary. As part of our service, SSG-BARCO can directly oversee and supervise all aspects of remediation and issue a Response Action Outcome (RAO) upon completion. If you are using another contractor and require our assistance, we can also personally review and accept all referenced remediation gathered by the third-party contractor.

Our services including tank installation, cleaning, and removal are available throughout New Jersey.

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Phase I / Phase II

EC-Phase-1SSG-BARCO has been approved to perform Phase I consulting services by many lending institutions and law firms. A majority of financial institutions require environmental due diligence as a condition of releasing commercial and industrial loans. We adhere to all current industry, state, and federal guidelines of good commercial and customary practices. Learn more ››

ISRA Compliance

EC-ISRA-ComplianceThe Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) imposes certain conditions on the sale, transfer, or closure of regulated industrial establishments and holds that both the owner of the real property and operator of the industrial establishment are jointly liable for compliance. SSG-BARCO assists clients with all phases of the ISRA process from submittal of the initial notice to remediation if necessary. Learn more ››

LSRP Services

The Site Remediation Reform Act set forth sweeping changes to the way in which sites are remediated in New Jersey. SRRA established the affirmative obligation for responsible parties to remediate contaminated sites in a timely manner and created a category of remediation professionals known as Licensed Site Remediation professionals (LSRP). Learn more ››