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Well Installation

For projects requiring monitoring wells to be installed quickly and safely, SSG-BARCO can fulfill that need. Our licensed well drillers can apply for a well permit and normally receive it in 24 hours. Within approximately one week from receiving a project request and valid mark-outs we can schedule your well installation.

Using the Geoprobe® 7822DT unit, capable of accessing small project sites, we are able to install hollow stem augers to install 4” diameter monitoring wells.

For sites where rock is encountered, SSG-BARCO utilizes air rotary/hollow stem auger drilling to install narrow diameter two-inch rock wells.

Our capability includes the following types of wells:

  • Monitoring Wells – For tracking and accessing contaminants found in the water table.
  • Recovery Wells – For the collection of impacted water to be transported into water treatment systems for purification.
  • Injection Wells – Injection wells are installed to support in situ bioremediation and chemical oxidation.
  • Piezometers – Temporary wells for groundwater sampling.

SSG-BARCO employs a fully licensed and experienced staff with the latest technology to ensure safe and efficient well installations. Our services are available throughout New Jersey.

Contact us for a free well installation quote.