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SSG-BARCO offers conventional and innovative technologies for the remediation of contaminated soils and groundwater. Due to the nature of our projects, we recognize that early coordination, cooperation, and communication with our clients are the key to successful remediation of contaminated sites.

For the environmental remediation of soil and groundwater, we provide the following services:

  • Excavation: the most common solution for environmental cleanups, excavation involves the removal of contaminated soils, which are then transported to designated licensed recycling facilities. Following excavation, soil samples are taken to determine the effectiveness of remediation. SSG-BARCO utilizes a variety of excavators and loaders to accommodate any sized excavation project. This includes using vacuum trucks for the remediation of groundwater and dewatering when necessary.Working closely with the leaders of the industry, we can support and remove impacted soils from beneath foundations, allowing for the fastest site closures.
  • In-situ Remediation: in locations where excavation is not deemed cost-effective or cannot be carried out safely, in-situ remediation is applied. In-situ treatments involve the injection of environmentally safe chemicals or bio-enhancing products into the ground to degrade or chemically oxidize contaminants found in the soil.In the interest of public and environmental safety, all in-situ remedial measures require pre-approval and special permits in order to move forward.

Remediation services, tank removal, and tank installation are available to customers throughout New Jersey.

For more information and a free quote on soil and groundwater remediation, contact SSG-BARCO.