Geotechnical Drilling

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Geotechnical Drilling

Strong supports require geotechnical evaluations of the foundation beneath it in order for commercial and residential building projects to move forward. For this reason, structural and civil engineers trust SSG-BARCO to ascertain the quality and integrity of the soils to ensure strong support for the building being constructed.

For drilling projects that require geotechnical evaluations, we employ the track mounted Geoprobe® 7288DT unit with an auto drop hammer. This unit is equipped with the latest tools necessary for soil and water sampling as well as monitor well installation.

SSG-BARCO provides the following geotechnical services:

  • Soil Sampling
  • Geotechnical Instrument Installation: Piezometers
  • Monitoring, Recovery, and De-watering Wells
  • Soil Boring, Soil and Water Sampling
  • Foundation Investigations

For more information and a quote for geotechnical drilling, contact us.