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Contractor Services

SSG-BARCO offers the highest quality contracting services in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, including underground storage tank (UST) removal, soil excavation, monitoring well installation, Geoprobe® soil probing, Geotechnical drilling, dewatering and liquid waste management.

All contracting services are performed by an in-house team of fully licensed and certified personnel to ensure the highest level of service possible; we do not subcontract any of our work out to third parties. Our crews perform with a high degree of professionalism and expertise, allowing projects to run on schedule and be completed within a reasonable amount of time.

As part of our commitment to providing the level of service our clients and the industry expect from us, SSG-BARCO reinvests to replace or expand our capabilities every year. For example, we have introduced and utilized new technologies in our projects, including trackhoe excavators that have reached 30 feet below the ground and also small machines that fit through doorways. We can also provide certified compaction reports as well as restore landscaping and hardscaping.

SSG-BARCO can provide groundwater testing services by installing licensed monitoring wells or temporary well points. Once completed, we can abandon your wells and provide the required abandonment reports.

All of our services including tank removal, tank cleaning, and tank installation are available to customers throughout New Jersey.

For a free quote on our contractor services, contact SSG-BARCO.

Liquids Management

CS-liq-MgtSSG-BARCO maintains a fleet of vacuum trucks available to service your environmental projects. Fully insured and licensed to transport liquid and solid waste and driven by OSHA certified and DOT certified drivers to reduce your risk. Learn more ››

Tank Removal

CS-Tank-removalRegulated tank removal requires specialized skills and knowledge.  SSG-BARCO is fully certified with the NJDEP for Tank Closure, all our operators are experienced in small and large tank removals and maintain their Closure, OSHA and DOT certifications. Learn more ››

Soil Remediation

CS-RemediationSoil remediation is applied to areas where excavation is not cost effective or cannot be carried out safely. Numerous sites have been successfully remediated using in-situ techniques. Learn more ››


CS-delineationSSG-BARCO provides Geoprobe® direct-push drilling technology to assist clients and other environmental consultants in the collection of samples during site investigations. Our expertise in sampling in the right locations using the right equipment is invaluable to our customers. Learn more ››

Well Installation

CS-Well-drillingConsultants need monitoring wells installed fast.  Our licensed well driller can apply for a well permit and normally have an approval 24 hours later. We are scheduling well installations approximately one week from receiving the requests. Learn more ››

Geotechnical Drilling

Structural and Civil engineers require geotechnical evaluations of soils to properly design foundation supports. We are capable of performing geotechnical evaluations for the professional engineer. Learn more ››