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Key Personnel


President, SSG-BARCO, Inc.

1990 Engineering in Training Certification for Pennsylvania P.E.
Licensed Site Remediation Professional #581326 2011
1994 – 1996

Process Engineering. Process engineer promoted to process manager, supervised a team of two engineers and two technicians and responsible for process and project engineering for three product lines: PVC plastisol, rubber dispersion technologies and solid CO2 adsorbants.

1996 – 1998

Part of Global Manufacturing team auditing plants in England, France, Germany and the US benchmarking best manufacturing practices. Responsibilities included managing product technology and equipment transfers from Germany to France (1996) and Italy to France (1997) as part of a global centralization project.

1995 – 1998

Waste water Treatment Environment/Project Engineering. Assured on site waste water treatment compliance and managed a $300,000 investment budget to optimize existing wastewater treatment and increase treatment capacity.

1999 – Present

SSG-BARCO responsibilities include Phase I Environmental Assessments, preliminary Assessments, Process safety and fire explosion modeling. Design and implementation of site-specific bio-remediation, vacuum extraction, chemical oxidation and combination designs. Was among the first to receive the NJDEP LSRP License in 2011.

Represented the UST removal industry as part of a stakeholder group to rewrite the NJDEP law and guidance for unregulated heating oil tanks (UHOT).

Thomas P. Barry

Vice-President, SSG-BARCO Inc.


July 1985 – May 1987 Field Technician
Duties entailed driving and operating Vacuum trucks, mason dump trucks, box trucks. Acted as helper on Aboveground tank removals, bulk storage tank cleanings, residential and commercial fuel oil UST cleanings.
May 1987 – April 1989 Dispatcher / Field Technician
In addition to Field Technician duties already established, additional duties included assistance in scheduling and dispatching of vehicles and equipment, preparing driver work orders and shipping papers, customer service, filing company records and documents. Client list rapidly increased as additional fuel oil distributors sub-contracted our services to their customers. At this time, the company became involved in testing of Underground and Above Ground Storage Tanks.
April 1989 – July 1993 General Manager – sales / Dispatcher / Field Technician
Was given additional duties and was assigned title of General Manager. While still dispatching and working occasionally in the field, added responsibilities included managing personnel training, medical and health plans, and Regulatory Compliance. Formed a marketing effort consisting of literature, and personal visits to potential customers and regulatory officials. Also designed efficient procedures, trucking, and equipment to provide optimum service. At this time the company was involved in tank cleaning, AST & UST removals.
July 1993 – July 1999 Vice President
As the company grew its’ customer base and employee staff, was promoted to title of a Vice President and continued to work directly under the President. Regulatory Compliance Manager for all D.O.T., E.P.A., and NJDEP regulations, records and documents. Responsibility for environmental personnel training, medical and health plans, and review of personnel. Additional duties include weekly payroll, insurances and company policies. Delegated dispatching and other duties to others as required by President.
July 1999 – January 2003 President
Was promoted to title of President and continued to work directly under CEO (former President). Continued administrative duties including customer relations, training, banking & finance, risk assessments, legal & accounting issues, employee relations, vehicle & equipment upgrades, training, Research and Development.


January 2003 – Present Vice President
After merging with SSG, Inc. in January of 2003, continued in administrative roll working closely with CEO, President, and staff controller. Duties include client relations, marketing and advertising, payroll, insurance reviews, employee HR management, fleet management, and other duties as required.