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In 2003, SSG and Barco Systems merged to form SSG-BARCO, a full-service environmental remediation company. Due to the expertise and knowledge gained from both halves of the company, we have become the foremost experts in environmental consulting and remediation throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Our staff works closely with clients and the Department of Environmental Protection to ensure all projects achieve the desired “No Further Action” Status.

SSG-BARCO’s role in the industry is to provide a complete suite of environmental solutions to commercial, residential, and industrial property owners, as well as real estate marketing professionals. We execute every project with due diligence, adhering to the highest standards set forth by all safety standards and regulations. From the installation of Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST) and monitoring wells, to soil and groundwater remediation and soil sampling, you can trust us to provide the most effective environmental solutions in a timely manner.

We have over 25 employees, including fully licensed and OSHA Certified Field Technicians, well drillers and environmental professionals. With decades of experience as the leaders in the industry, we are able to complete all projects efficiently by utilizing the latest remediation techniques and technologies.

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