Environmental Consultation and Solutions

SSG-BARCO is a full-service contractor providing reliable and cost-effective environmental solutions. We specialize in environmental property assessments and remediation of soil and groundwater.

Conveniently located in New Jersey, we offer prompt service and solutions to environmental issues all throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Due to our degree of expertise and experience, SSG-BARCO comes highly recommended, enjoying the confidence of a diverse set of commercial, residential, and industrial clients.

SSG-BARCO serves three core client bases:

Consulting Industry
We provide underground storage tank (UST) removal, soil excavation, Geoprobe® soil probing, monitoring well installation, geotechnical drilling, dewatering and liquid waste management.

Residential Property Owners
SSG-BARCO offers turnkey removal and installation packages as well as soil and groundwater remediation. We routinely receive NFA’s for our clients from the NJDEP Unregulated Heating Oil Tank Department.

Real Estate Professionals
We conduct preliminary assessments and Phase I/II environmental investigations

Assistance in DCF Compliance

To comply with new environmental laws set by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Children and Families (DCF), SSG-BARCO can assist in the testing, sampling, and certification of your site for use in daycares and other childcare facilities.

The number and complexity of these environmental regulations may be baffling, but SSG-BARCO will help you summarize each requirement and simplify compliance for you.

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Cost-Effective, Reliable, & Prompt
SSG was founded as a small environmental consulting group servicing the petroleum industry and has grown steadily by providing prompt, reliable and cost effective services to our clients.

SSG-BARCO is a fully Certified Tank Closure and Subsurface Evaluation contractor offering cost-effective, reliable and prompt service.

Our Work: Cost-Effective and Certified

Tank Removal

Tank Removal


Tank Pump-Outs

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